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A little history
Un peu d'histoire - ganaderia dussau.jpg

Since the 90s, in Aire-sur-l'Adour in the district of Subéhargues,  Landes cows have replaced  blondes d'Aquitaine. It was with the cooperation of a great Aturin ganadero of the time, Marcel LINES, that the first Spanish cows arrived.  at the "Petit Pantagnan".


Since that day, the DUSSAU family - Pierre-André first, then Guillaume -  breed with passion this brave cattle presented in the arenas of the South-West for the Landes races.  


From a dozen couriers in the 90s to more than 200 today, the Ganaderia has grown to become, to this day, a benchmark in the community.  by the quality of its shows and  his professionalism.

The coursayres will remember the great couriers who were the pride of the Ganaderia, such as  Tomia, Princess, Escuriale or even Rouperte. But in addition to breeding, Ganaderia also stands out for its expertise in terms of training. Accompanied by Guillaume and Christophe Dussau among others, champions have passed through the benches of Subéhargues, like several jumpers brought up to the title of champion of France  , or more recently Maxime GOURGUES worn  as Champion of young spreaders in 2016 at BOUGUES or even Tom CAPIN, winner of the National des Secondes in 2018.

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