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The Landaise Course
The tradition

In Gascony, for seven  centuries, the traditional bullfighting which then consisted of "running cows and bulls" in public places has evolved  and codified. Taking the name Course Landaise, this show has become sport, evolving in concert with  the French Federation of the Landes Race (FFCL).  If time and  the codification brought by the sporting recognition of this discipline somewhat modified the structure of the Course Landaise, the primary objective remains unchanged: to measure the courage of the man facing the race in the center of the arena and to provide emotion.


The Actors of the Arena

If the best known are the Ecarteurs - between 5 and 7 people wearing the bolero to draw artistic figures (gaps)  by cheating the load of the cow - the  Jumper  made  also sensation when flying above the raceways. In a real team, each has a specific role.  In addition to the Spreaders and the Jumper, the "Men in White"  frame the show; the coaches  prepare the race before each figure while the tailpiece protects the spreader at the time of the gap.

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